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Size: 450 MM X 250 MTR X 50 MICRONS
Rolls: 2
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Rust-X VCI Scrim Tight films are manufactured using our proprietary Speedy Moisture Passivation (SMP) Technology and provides long term corrosion protection to the packaged parts. Rust-X VCI Scrim Tight films when stretched on metal products isolate the packed coils and sheets from the influx of humidity and the VCI neutralizes the environment inside the package.

The Rust-X VCI Scrim Tight Films contain reinforced tapes between the layers spaced at regular intervals to enhance the tensile strength and tear resistance. The reinforced tapes prevent tear propagation in the event of a puncture or shear damage. The increase in tensile strength with the reinforced tapes is 3 times higher than the non-reinforced film.

RUST-X VCI Scrim Tight films are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and inhibit the onset of corrosion, tarnishing etc., for up to 5 years when used with a complete system designed by Rust-X

Rust-X VCI Scrim Tight films are multi-layered and made from special proprietary additives that increase the strength between the molecular chain thereby providing a film with a very high tear strength, tensile strength and dart impact. Additionally, the inherent cling properties of the film provide better sealing between overlapped layers during wrapping.

The film is designed to be used for wrapping circular and irregular shaped products with deep and sharp curvatures. The film is compatible to be used with all major automated machines for stretching. The primary use of the film is to wrap steel, galvanized steel or aluminum coils using a through the eye wrapper. And the adoption of advanced Rust-X additives significantly increases the cocooning effect.



  •  Nitrite Free VCI technology
  •  Powerful and extremely strong and excellent pliability to conform to coil       configurations
  •  Multi-metal VCI protection for allsurfaces 
  •  High stretch ability
  •  Sharp edge resistance due to multi-molecular linking for increased strength 
  •  Minimal equipment investment with substantial reduction in labor costs
  •  Increased production through-put
  •  Reduces usage cost and associated problems
  •  Dry packaging compatible product
  •  Quick to use, remove and easy to recycle


Physical Properties

Test Method VCI Stretch Film
Color Visual
Transparent, Blue, White, Yellow or another specific color can
Thickness Availability Micrometer Approx. 100 microns
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1298 Approx. 1
Surface pH Universal Indicator Solution 8 to 9
Salt Spray in VCI ASTM B 117 24 hours +

Tensile Strength MD/CD

ASTM D882-kg/cm202 350+ / 200 +
Elongation at Break MD/CD ASTM D882-02 % Min.500 / 400
Dart Impact Strength ASTM D1709-04 / A (gf) Min.1500
PE Content Rust-X Method 40-50%
VCI Content Rust-X Method 12-15 %
Other proprietary Rust-X Method 30-40 %
UV protection Months 12-24 months
Printing No of Colors Upto6
Width Range Min 100mm-1000mm
Number of Threads (Weightwise) 1 thread at 20° angle second thread at 20° angle
Number of Threads ( Widthwise) After every 0.75-1 inch

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