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 RUSTX VCI Paper 604 is a non-laminated corrosion inhibiting paper that provides long term corrosion prevention for components made from any kind of metals.

RUSTX manufactures VCI Papers which have high strength, tear resistance as well as puncture resistance. Volatile Chemicals coated on Natural Kraft Paper can provide protection of up to 5 YEARS in packaged condition.

Goods wrapped in or protected by RUST-X VCI paper are not affected by corrosion. The reason for this is that the air surrounding the metals protected with RUST-X paper, is very heavily impregnated with the inhibitors released from the protective paper.

The micro-moisture droplets become so heavily impregnated with corrosion inhibitors released from RUST-X VCI paper that these droplets themselves become rust preventives, and will not form corrosion on the metal surfaces. In effect corrosion is inhibited in the vicinity of VCI Paper.

VCI papers are used to protect components that require high shelf life and protection against corrosion. These have a high VCI chemicals carrying capacity and are useful in protecting components for longer periods and also provide better abrasion resistance compared to thin film plastics. The Rust-X VCI Multimetal paper is free of nitrites or secondary amines. 

Product Code VCI PAPER 604 
Color Blue
Application CU, Brass, Zinc, Fe, Al and others Type Non-laminated
GSM 70
Protection 6 -12 Months

"VCI PAPER 604 MULTIMETAL" is VCI Papers with exceptional strength, tear resistant as well as puncture resistant. VCI Stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor paper.


"VCI PAPER 604 MULTIMETAL" is a craft packaging paper manufactured with added VCI chemistry. VCI molecules protect metals from corrosion. "VCI PAPER 604 MULTIMETAL" can provide protection of up to 6 -12 Months in the packaged condition. This Rust Prevention Paper thickness is 70 GSM. "VCI Paper 604 ALFE" rust prevention paper is suitable for Copper, Brass, Zinc, Iron, Aluminum and other types of metal.



  • Economical to use
  • Easy to install Protects up to 5 years
  • Effective dry protection
  • Specially developed for Iron & Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Chrome and all metals and non-metals
  • Protects mostly all metal systems
  • Easy to use and only needs to be wrapped or placed along with the part to be protected
  • Can also interleaved within metal plates or sheets



Physical Properties

Value Test Method
Wight of base Paper

Option 1 - 65        Option 2-50              GSM + 5%

VCI Coating 12-15 GSM
Lamination Weight (gsm) NA
Elmendorf Tear MD/CD 75/80
German Razor Blade Test Pass
German Razor Blade Test
CorrosioN Protection Pass Test Pass MIL- 3420
VIA Test Pass Grade 3 TL 8135-002

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