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Rust-X manufactures specialty VCI EMITTERS + DESICCANT Pouch to prevent corrosion to the metallic components in the vicinity of these pouches. The specially designed pouch controls corrosion by the unique SMP Technology (Speedy Moisture Passivation) VCI Chemicals that release VCI to passivity the moisture in the surroundings and start an instantaneous action. The desiccants present in the pouch absorb moisture and trap it in the sieves of the desiccant gel.

The dual action pouch is made to avoid confusions that are commonly caused related to dosage levels of desiccant and emitters to the end customers in the packaging. Emitters + Desiccants are in the form of powders which provide a higher surface area to the chemicals for vaporization or absorption compared to tablets etc. The special combination of desiccating materials as well as VCI emitters which come into action within seconds of placing in the containers provide an unmatched system of preservation of Metallic and Non Metallic Components.

The pouch is packed in special Tyvek paper to enhance the strength of packing and stop any reversible release of moisture to the surroundings.

The vapours do not increase in contact resistance in electrical circuits and have no adverse effect on insulating materials or high voltage corona or carbon tracking. VCI 4500 is free from nitrites, DMF, heavy metals and nonhazardous for commercial use.

Do not keep in direct contact as in some cases the pouch may sweat.


  •  Economical to use.
  •  Provides continuous protection for up to 24 months.
  •  Effective in polluted and humid environments. 
  •  Doesn’t interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical surface properties.
  •  Multimodal protection
  •  Quick and easy installation. 
  •  Protects during operation and shutdown. 
  •  Non-toxic and safe to handle.
  •  Contains desiccant properties.
  •  Compact, space-saving, unobtrusive device.
  •  Free of nitrites, silicones and phosphates.
  •  No spraying, wiping or dipping required. 
  •  Low VOC values

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