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Aquaflush AQ03 is a water based cleaning agent based on organic compounds which effectively dissolve oils and loosen dirt and grit particles. Any iron particles & chips are also removed due to the dissolution action of oils binding these particles onto the component.

The product is totally free from any irritating chemicals that are usually present in generic cleaners. The product also prevents corrosion on the components usually caused due to water in the washing media.

There is no powder formation on the metal parts like in the case of caustic based washing agents. There is no need to have raised temperatures during washing. This saves on energy costs as it works well at ambient temperatures. Aquaflush can be dosed between 2-5% in water depending upon the dirt level on the part and cleanliness level required.

This can be used in Spray Jet Washers, Ultrasonic washer or manual cleaning of large equipment using sponge.

For Aluminum, AQ 04 is recommended. For Export Components, it is recommended to use CL005 Solvent based cleaning agent or dewater parts washed with AQ03 with CL005 so that no water is carried over into packaging while exports.

All RUST-X rust preventive oils are Barium & Heavy Metal Free.

  • Gives very low Millipore values after washing
  • Can be used in ultrasonic and pressure jet sprays
  • Works on very low concentrations 
  • Environment friendly 
  • High tank life 
  • Resistant to bio organism growth 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Non Foaming 
  • Biologically Friendly 
  • Heating not required 
  • Dissolves grease, oils & dirt
  • For Ferrous and Aluminum
  • Does not react with rubber
  • Does not form any powder deposits
  • Non-flammable
  •  Heavy-duty temporary coating remover
  •  Good for light oils and greases
  •  Will not affect painted surfaces
  •  Non-flammable


Physical Properties Test Value Value
Visual Amber Clear
Flash Point ASTM D 92 N/A
pH 8-9
Degreasability   Passes
Pressure range of wash system 200 Bar
Operating temp range

10-80 degrees


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