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RUSTX oils contain VCI chemicals, which work in contact phase as well as in the vapor phase and protect components by its dual action.

 RUSTX – 132 A EX is a viscous grade of rust preventive oil having excellent thixotropic properties and holds well on surfaces that may be super finished or vertically placed.

 The product has a high flash point and can be used for protection of Cold Rolled Steel, Engine Components, as well as large equipment where indoor open storages are required.

 The VCI action of the oil makes it suitable for spraying within hollow equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, storage tanks, pipes etc. The VCI fraction evaporates and reaches hard to reach surfaces where the direct oil spray cannot reach and protects the equipment from corrosion.

 All RUST-X rust preventive oils are Barium & Heavy Metal Free.


  • Lubricating oil film
  • Thixotropic properties  
  • Electrostatic ally Spray able
  • Excellent protection against acidic and saline environments
  • Non Sticky soft film
  • Allow 2-10 minutes drain and drying time depending upon product requirement
  • Easily washable with water and solvent based products
  • Excellent protection against acidic and saline environments


  • Machined Steel Components
  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • CR sheets
  • Bearings, Gears
  • Transmission Components
  • Axles, Process Equipment
  • Flanges
  • Valves etc.


Physical Properties

Test Method




Amber Clear

Viscosity @ cSt @ 40°C

ASTM D  445

40  cSt

Specific Gravity

ASTM D 1298

0.78 - 0.86

Flash Point (before application)

 ASTM D 92


Flash Point (after application)

 ASTM D 92


Volatiles by % (by weight)


<1 %

Coverage (sq m/ Lt)



Film Thickness

IS 2074

6 Microns

Pour Point


Below -5°C

Saponification value (MG KOH/gm)



Salt Spray in VCI Packaging

ASTM D 117

<96 hours+

Humidity Chamber

ASTM D 117

720 hours+

Indoor Protection Life (open)


2-3 months

Indoor protection life (packed)

2 years

Packaged Protection Life (In VCI Packaging)

Up to 5 Years


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