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Microns: 100
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RUST-X VCI ALBAR FX film is a High-Barrier Corrosion Inhibiting Flame Retardant film. The film is manufactured on a 3 layer, multi-layer co-extrusion plant combined with laminated outer barrier layers comprising of Aluminum Foil and an over lamination with a Polyester Film. The combined multi-layered structure offers a very high oxygen and water vapor barrier combined with VCI anti corrosion properties.

This is ideally used for packaging of metallic products or from equipment packaging for long term storage and transportation especially in areas prone to high temperatures, sparks, and construction and welding.

The VCI molecules on the inside work by evaporation and condensation on the cooler metal parts and prevent corrosion wherever they settle. In effect a corrosion-inhibiting layer molecular layer is deposited on the part. This works by preventing the forward reaction of corrosion by inhibiting electron flow, altering pH as well as by forming a physical barrier to oxygen and water vapor.

The bags can be custom-sized into 3 dimensional covers for many different types of installations and parts. These can also be supplied in 2 Dimensional bags or sheets. The bags can be heat-sealed or can also be provided with a self-sealable adhesive tape, which can be removed to form a sealed packaging system.

This film complies by MIL PRF 131K Class1 Specifications. The film is also flame retardant as per DIN 4102-B2 Standard



  •  Meets standard MIL B 131 where the product is fabric and fiber free.
  •  Multi-metal Protection
  •  Free of Nitrites, Halogens & Phosphates
  •  Heat sealable structure useful as a barrier material limiting passage through itself of solids, liquids, semisolids, gases or forms of energy such as ultraviolet light, said structure compromising a first play of a relatively tough, biaxial oriented film of organic polymer adhered to second ploy of metallic foil/coating and a third play of a tough polymer such as polyethylene.



  •  Machinery Packing
  •  Steel , Tube and Rod Packing
  •  Galvanized sheets and coils
  •  Metal Tubes and wires
  •  Electrical grade steel
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Copper and Aluminum sheets
  •  Wrapping metal bodies, engines, turbines, heavy equipment


Physical Properties Test Method Value 
Basis Weight ASTM D 646
100/125/150 GSM
Layer 1 PET
12 micron
Layer 2 Aluminum 12 micron
Layer 3 LDPE Film 70/90/120
Heat Seal Strength ASTM F 88 2.6-3.5
Oil Resistance MIL-STD-3015 Pass
Water Vapor Transmission Rate


Oxygen Rate Transmission Rate

ASTM D 3985

pH 8-9
Corrosion Test ASTM 1748 Pass 500
Colour Availability
Silver Outside Transparent
Flame Retardancy DIN 4102-B2 Standard Pass
Tear Resistance(g) 1230/1470
Puncture resistance load to Break -kg 10.2

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